Extra Curricular Activities

Students are encouraged to pursue their particular interests and passions through extracurricular programs and activities. Students discover more about their talents and potential career prospects as they explore their hobbies. These discoveries have the potential to be profound and transformative. This mostly incorporates skating, ballet, young engineers, dance, and Lamda at Boston International School. These support the development of the learner’s potential and assist learners improve their abilities outside of the classroom.

Student Clubs

Numerous student groups exist where individuals may explore their own passions, interests, and abilities. The principle or the director of a significant academic or operational unit typically sponsors clubs that are founded and administered by current students. A club organization must also have a purpose that is in line with the goals of the school. Although dues may be collected from members, it is common for membership to be free. At high school, there are clubs for music, dance, drama, debate, interact, and environment. Students at Boston International School are encouraged to get involved in at least one group for socializing.


Student Leadership

We develop the next generation of leaders at Boston International School. Student leadership is defined as the active participation of students in their learning and the resulting development of beneficial abilities. The creation of a culture of ownership, cooperation, and community in the classroom is the aim of inspiring student leaders. Every year, we hold a leadership election among our students, who go on to speak out on a variety of topics.

Service & Volunteerism

Promoting and actively participating in CSR is a standard practice at BIS (CSR). To promote literacy and strengthen the reading culture in our local communities and schools, the school created the Book Donation Project.

This initiative has benefitted a number of schools, including Makindye, Katuuso S.S.S., St. Dennis S.S.S. Ggaba, Global High School, Salaama, and Buziga Islamic School, among others.

The students participate in corporate obligations each year to give back to the community. This is also included in our school’s sustainability strategy. The pupils seize the reins (they mobilise funds through car washes,food sales etc). They choose an initiative in the neighborhood that is in need and give the stuff they purchased. This is done to foster a feeling of altruism among the students.


Celebration is essential at the conclusion of every learner’s journey, thus we organize graduation ceremonies for students in years 6, 11, 12, and 13 to mark this achievement and to wish them well on their future endeavors. We congratulate them on their enormous accomplishment and wish them well in all of their next endeavors.