At Boston International School, we adhere to the Cambridge curriculum from Early Years through High School, with a focus on the Cambridge route.

Our curriculum is created to help each student reach their best potential while fostering values and traits that last a lifetime. It is balanced, adaptable, extremely inclusive, and IT supported. The program is created to assist students in realizing their professional goals.

Upon completion of Year 13 (A Level), the students join Universities of their choice all over the world and job market as advanced performers, global leaders, and, creative and innovative entrepreneurs.

We incorporate extensive activity program (co-curricular) like games and sports, Debate Music, Dance and Drama to allow our learners to pursue their interest as we support them to develop as holistic individuals at a relatively young age. We nurture our learners to be useful global citizens that will ably exploit and fit in this dynamic world.


Key Stage 3

Upon completion of Year 6 Primary Check Point Examinations, learners enrol into Cambridge Lower Secondary for Years 7, 8 &9 – the Key Stage 3 of the Cambridge Curriculum. This level is typically for learners of 11 -14 years and the curriculum is broad and balanced to suit the context, culture and circumstances of nature and time. Learners study all designed academic subjects:

English, Mathematics, “Science” (but separately, Biology, Chemistry and Physics), Geography, History, Foreign Languages, Personal Social Health Education (PSHE) , Information and communication technology (ICT) Physical Education, Religious Affairs, and, Art & Design. The subjects are scheduled with learning objectives to provide knowledge and skills while preparing our learners for the IGCSE qualifications in Cambridge Upper secondary.

Year 9 is viewed as the first year of IGCSE preparation and students begin selecting some option subjects in preparation for Years 10 and 11

Cambridge Upper Secondary

At this level, a range of specialist subjects are available for students to choose from according to their ability, interest and requirements for future study and careers.

Our curriculum allows students to study subjects at different levels, and is flexible so that it caters as much as possible to students’ individual needs.

Our learners are required to choose a minimum of 8 subjects and a maximum of 10; the core subjects are English, Mathematics and Science (Biology, chemistry and physics). Students also choose other subjects ranging from Social Sciences, Humanities Vocational Studies and Information and Communication Technology.

Taking learners’ individual differences under consideration, learners have the choice to choose between IGCSE core and IGCSE extended. The core content in each subject is within the potential range of the majority of learners and it designed for learners to achieve grades C, D, E, F, G.

The extended curriculum includes the core content and the supplement that is learnt on top of the basics (core). The extended content is for more academically able, gifted and talented and it prepares learners for higher education and training. Learners will achieve grades ranging from A* to E.

At the end of Cambridge Upper Secondary, learners are awarded internationally recognised Cambridge IGCSE or Cambridge O Level qualifications, qualifying them for the Cambridge Advanced Level, Grades 12 & 13.

Cambridge Advanced Level – GCE AS & A2 Level

At this level, we prepare learners to join Universities. AS stands for Advanced Subsidiary Level, whereas A2 stands for Advanced Level.

The Advanced Subsidiary Level syllabus contains half the content of the corresponding to Advanced Level and is normally completed in one year – Year 12. Learners sit all the assessments for their full Advanced Level at the end of the second year – Year 13.

Admission of any student to Cambridge Advanced level [in any subject] is determined by attaining a C grade as the minimum requirement in the IGCSE extended exam in that particular subject; though, Science and Mathematics departments will demand a B-grade and above as the entry point.

Certainly note that admission to Year 12 for Advanced Subsidiary is dependent upon the student attaining six C grades and above, which must includes English and Mathematics results in IGCSE or its equivalent.

Students at Boston International School are recommended to choose three to four AS and A Level topics, taking into account their intended university major and potential future careers.

English, English literature, foreign languages, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, business, accounting, history, sociology, geography, computer science, mathematics, and art and design are among the disciplines on the list.
The Cambridge Examination Series is a set of exams that we take twice a year, in June and November, with results given in August and January, respectively.


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